Google Summer Of Code 2022

Students will work on a programming project with an open source organization for 10 weeks during their school break. They will link students with mentors to place their work in the context of an ongoing research project. Students are supervised by an experienced employee of the organization and receive a scholarship from Google in return for their time.

Google Summer of Code is a unique program in which students work with mentors who introduce them to the Open Source community and guide them in working on open source projects in the real world during their summer break from university. Many students continue to work on their projects at the GSoC and become active open source contributors. Summer of Code is a program that allows students to participate with mentors from participating organizations in developing an open source project.

By September 2020, 715 open source projects have participated in the mentoring program in areas as diverse as operating systems, community services and more. In the past, the GCC was used as a mentor organization under the umbrella of the GNU Project. However, most organizations that have participated in the last 16 years have reported that Google Summer of Code has helped them find new community members and active committers.

Students will work on the project by writing code, determining what changes to the input LTO are significant at different stages of LTO processing and attempting not to repeat work that leads to the same result. The project is open to all ideas and will reflect the proposals of the students. If you have a project idea for students and would like to work on it, please discuss it in any way you can on the application mailing list or talk to them on IRC.

The student will contact the mentor organization with which he wants to work and write a project proposal for the summer. Once adopted, the student will spend a month integrating into the organization before starting programming. The student will program for the organization under the guidance of the mentor and will work on the project during the summer break, observing all deadlines agreed upon by the mentor.

Google organizes it every year between May and mid-August, a three-month program in which students work for organizations on projects of their choice. If you are interested in open source projects or your developer spirit generates good ideas on how to make software more valuable to its users by adding features, Google Summer of Code is the best platform to showcase your skills. The program, known as the “Code of the World,” brings mentors together with university programmers working on important open source projects that create value for its users and the code world.

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Originally published at on September 29, 2021.



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