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The is one of many games on Neopets, a virtual pet site around since 1999. There are currently over 35 million accounts registered on Neopets. For your next office party, plan an outing to play some of these fun flash games together. They make great team-building activities and icebreakers for groups in transition! (For more tips on how to create an effective office environment, check out our guide, Building Positive Work Relationships.) While you can score a trophy for doing well at any game (just scroll up to see your trophies!), one of our favorites is The Mysterious Negg Cave. The goal is simple but not easy-collect all five gold trophies by completing as many rounds as possible without falling or getting lost within 60 seconds.

Located in the Haunted Woods, the mysterious negg cave was created to test Neopets physically and mentally, as well as grant them special abilities to use in their adventures throughout Neopia. Only the bravest of heroes can enter this cave and return with their sanity intact! Filled with hilarious characters and perplexing puzzles, this cave will surely be an experience you’ll never forget! In this article, we’ll detail every single room in the Negg Cave, every villain you’ll meet along the way, as well as all of the epic loot you can obtain by solving its puzzles!

The Mystery of Negght Cavern is an underground location of Shenkuu where you can go for some really unique daytime experiences. High up in the mountains of Shenkuu, you can find the Mystery Negg Cave, a place discovered in the Year 14 festival of Neggs. Inside the Mysterious Negg Cave is a simple grid-based puzzle shaped like a clockwork negg that you can try and solve once a day in order to collect a prize within the clockwork negg. For each puzzle, you are presented with a set of two to six clues in the scroll on the left side of the Negg, showing where colors and symbols must be placed relative to a 3x3 grid and to one another. You may be able to complete all the clues in a few puzzles but still need to try a couple of different combinations, as sometimes a single clue does not provide a complete answer. Sometimes, when clues are not as clearly defined as in the puzzle, the order of the pieces, for example, may provide clues for puzzle answers.

What is the Negg Cave?

The mysterious negg cave is a new adventure for your Neopet! Once inside, you’ll have to collect as many neggs as possible within thirty minutes. This can be difficult, but with some careful planning and plenty of practice, you’ll be able to complete it. Fortunately for us, we’ve found a guide that will lead us right through each level in no time at all! Let’s get started! Before you begin your adventure, it’s important to stock up on whatever items you might need. For example, if your negotiator decides to use speed in order to get through a level quickly, then make sure that they have enough meatballs and omelets stored up. It’s also a good idea to bring along any potions or boosters that may help you out along the way. Finally, don’t forget about extra lives! It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but sometimes people just don’t think straight when they’re so excited about playing. Now that we’re ready to go, let’s take a look at what levels await us

Level 1 — The Raining Fruits To pass through Level 1, simply click on one of the fruits once every five seconds until you’ve collected ten. After that, click on a flying jelly blubber fish to pass onto

Level 2 — Shooing Shoyrus In order to clear Level 2, click on each shoyru once every five seconds until there are none left. If you do not succeed in doing so before your time runs out, then it’s game over, and you must start again from scratch. Good luck!

Level 3……. Read full article Mysterious Negg Cave

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