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Project graham,

Developed by a trauma surgeon, artist, and accident investigator, Project Graham is a hypothetical scenario brought to life. Graham — the one man designed to survive our roads — is an interactive sculpture designed by a trauma surgeon, a crash investigator, and a Melbourne artist, as part of the “Towards Zero” road safety campaign in Victoria. The human, created by an Australian artist, is aimed at encouraging road safety.

Project Graham is displayed in the state library in Victoria, but he is also available for viewing through an especial experience created on the internet. If you are in the area, you can also see Graham in person — oh, technically, silicone, fiberglass, and resin, actually — at the State Library of Victoria through Aug. 8. There is a 360-degree interactive exhibition about Graham, complete with study notes and more videos, too — just in case you have not seen enough yet.

Graham is at the Victoria State Library until early August, and then will go on a tour around the state. Since the man was featured online, Grahams odd look has helped turn him into something of a meme. The image has been shared far and wide online — largely due to its uncharacteristic look, not the message that it purports to convey. Or maybe it is because his face looks as though an anvil has been dropped onto it, and Grahams ears look as though they are recoiling at another Colt Ford debacle.

The reason it looks like that is because it has plenty of body modifications to allow it to withstand serious auto accidents. Car seatbelts are designed to harness rib strength to help us absorb crash forces. The little bags in the extra-strong ribs function as an airbag, taking up the forces that push Graham forward during the accident. Grahams skull is super-sized and helmet-like, according to the projects website, with built-in crumple zones.

Some features of Project Graham include a rounded face that absorbed the energy from an impact, and a larger skull that has more cerebrospinal fluid and ligaments, which will protect its brain better. Grahams skin is also thicker, preventing lacerations, and his ribs feature an outer sac layer for ultimate protection. Graham has her own website, on which viewers can view the sculpture 360 degrees, seeing the changes in detail, which will better fit a persons body for high-impact. The person was made as a way of showing just how different — and unequipped — the human body is to handle an accident, according to the Australian Transport Accident Commission.

TAC Chief Executive Officer Joe Calafiore said the man was designed to demonstrate how humans evolved for many normal challenges in everyday life, but how their strength and resiliency still cannot equal the devastation caused by a road accident. That is according to Melbourne, Australias transport accident commission, who had a trauma surgeon, crash expert and a Melbourne artist work together to develop the human being to withstand car crashes. A trauma surgeon, crash expert and a Melbourne artist develop. Australias Transport Accident Commission is known for their propensity to thump, and Project Graham is part of …Read full article …Project Graham

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