What Is An Aura? What do aura colors mean?

Ever since the days of medieval Christian mystics, artists and painters have depicted the aura as light that surrounds the human body. The concept of the aura — energy that emanates from each person and manifests itself in different colors invisible to the untrained eye — is manifested in a number of religious practices such as Buddhism as well as New Age spirituality. Some alternative medicine practitioners also refer to it as a diagnostic tool showing a person’s personality, health, and luck.

When you photograph your aura, you can see it as large bright spots of color surrounding you in the shape of an egg, while other people say they can see subtle white light around a person or animal’s body. It’s not impossible to find your aura on your own — some can locate it by gazing intently in a mirror and seeing what color (s) are glowing from your head. It is also believed that your aura is different, so colors can change depending on where you are in life.

Learning to read auras takes practice, and that is to feel the energy fields around the body of another person. While auras are not an exact science, they can help you learn about your energy and how it affects you and those around you. Experts told INSIDER that auras are energy fields that provide information about your life. Auras are usually visual, but can also be sensory, motor, or verbal impairments.

Psychics and holistic medicine practitioners often claim to have the ability to see the size, color, and vibration of the aura. In alternative spiritual medicine, a person’s aura is viewed as part of a hidden anatomy that reflects the client’s condition and health, often including life force centers called chakras. According to spiritual beliefs, the human aura or energy field is colored radiation that surrounds the human body, any animal or object.

In simple terms, an aura is a bright colored beam made of energy that flows around living beings. Your aura is “seen” as a luminous body surrounding your physical. Hence, your aura is an invisible (usually) electromagnetic force field emanating from your body, which is believed to be made of light.

We have an innate, often unconscious reaction to other people’s auras that we cannot actually see with the naked eye. However, with practice and patience, you can learn to consciously perceive and even see more of your own auras and the auras of other people.

But just as there is more than one way to interpret color, there is also more than one way to interpret aura. You can read the color of the halo photo like a book.

I submit that by learning to read auras and understanding their colors and meanings, you can tune your intuition. By observing the aura, you can understand why some people give you unpleasant vibes and why you treat others positively.

If you are reading your aura, keep in mind that each aura reader interprets the colors they see differently. And just as each reader sees the aura differently, they can also see different colors and interpret them in different ways. But each reader of the aura will have their own opinion about what the colors mean. At any given moment, your aura emits a mixture of colors and light (it will never be the same color), and each of these shades says a lot about how you are currently feeling.

It is believed that each level of your aura is represented by a different color. It is believed that each layer of your aura is represented by a different color. Share on Pinterest Illustration by Ruth Basagoitia They say that each layer of your aura corresponds to a different chakra.

Also known as subtle bodies, your aura is composed of seven layers that correspond to the seven chakras in your body. Etheric is the first level, also called the plane of the physical aura, which is closest to the physical body and is associated with physical health, pain and pleasure. This is followed by the emotional layer or plane of the astral aura, extending up to three inches from the body. It is believed that there are 15 different layers of energy colors in the human aura, each of which represents or connects with a specific part of our energy bodies, for example, with the emotional body.

One way to think of auras is as “energy” that someone overlooks. People with a white aura may tend to absorb the energy of others. Depending on the culture, auras are often displayed around the body as bright colors or white light.

According to New Age philosophy, auras are colored radiation that is said to encompass all living things. For people, this is a repository of all negative and positive energies.

The energy body of the aura has seven layers, and each layer is associated with each of the seven energy chakras or wheels located in the spine. The aura is also related to the seven colors of the rainbow and is affected by sound vibrations. The aura of health means a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Sometimes aura photographs can display certain colors on your chakras, showing exactly what kind of energy that chakra is radiating. Keep in mind that each color in the aura is associated with………………………….

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